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Sinotrans Container Lines Co.,LTD is actively involved in social events, environment protection, endeavoring for a better life of the people and a more harmonious community.
   For years Sinotrans Container Lines Co.,LTD has taken environment protection as its own responsibility,and it has built up a green logistics system. By optimizing transport routes to improve fuel efficiency and taking advantage of new technologies to enhance operation efficiency.
   Sinotrans Container Lines Co.,LTD to shoulder the burden. Contributions to the disaster area, donations, and for the disaster area and impoverished area to transport materials. The company has for the Chinese navy to escort fleet, arid southwest of Yushu earthquake disaster area of Qinghai, the old revolutionary base areas and other donations in cash and in kind, the company also free carrier japan earthquake relief supplies.


   The company actively participate in various social activities. Positive for Shanghai city and Shanghai Shipowners Association Difangzhi work to provide human and financial support. For the Dalian Maritime University and the Shanghai Maritime Univeristy provides undergraduate internship base, providing summer internship opportunity. Actively participate in Shanghai city to hold the energy-saving emission reduction activities.organized staff held office escape maneuver, actively cooperate with Sinotrans building fire safety work.
  Company Party committee and the Committee has established the Guo Mingyi love service team and youth volunteer service team, actively participate in public welfare action. The company also each year to send staff to participate in Shanghai Pudong New Area Blood Donation Office of voluntary blood donation activities, social services.
  The company continued attention to vulnerable groups. For the company's crew and lineal relatives suffering from serious illness of employees to give economic benefits; on the sickly colleagues and provide care to do everything in one's power to help.
Sinotrans Container Lines Co.,LTD through the joint efforts of all staff, we are for all customers to provide quality logistics services, so as to promote the constant development of social economy.