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Reefer Cargo

   Sinotrans container lines owns an excellent and profestional specialist team, can ensure reefer cargo to be shipped in best condition during whole transportation with advanced high quality reffer equipments.   

Notice of loading products:  

 Good Operating Practices ensure products maintained and delivered in optimum condition. 

 Good Packaging is important for protection of products.(ICON 1)

 Use Solid-Side Packaging for Frozen products, and Vented-Side Packaging for Fresh products.(ICON1)

 Packaging must be crushproof.

 Ensure electric socket matches with the reefer plug.

 Turn unit OFF while loading.

 Load quickly and efficiently.

 Close the door, turn unit ON after loading.

 Products must be pre-cooled to desired temperature in cooling storehouse.

 Check product temperature during loading.  

 Poor Air Distribution is one of primary causes of product deterioration, even when unit capacity is more than adequate.(ICON2)

 Obstructions anywhere around load can result in product "Hot Spots"。(ICON2)  

 Proper Air Circulation demands unobstructed paths on all six sides of the load(ICON2)  

 Cargo must be stacked on double-faced block pallets.(ICON3)  


 Do not use plastic wrap on fresh produce pallets - it prevents air circulation reaching the load.  

 Do not obstruct T-floor under the load.  

 Do not load products in front of the evaporator outlets - this will block the airflow.  

 Blocking the load results in insufficient airflow.  

 Do not load products to exceed the height limit(red line). 

 Inside of the container must be clean.

 T-Floor must be free of shrink wrap and paper debris.

 Debris can either block air circulation or be sucked into evaporator.

 Turn unit OFF while doors are open.(ICON4)

 Keep “door open” duration to a minimum.


Good Practices:  

 Packaging: Use Solid-Side Packaging for Frozen products, and Vented-Side Packaging for Fresh products.

 Pre-Cool Products to Desired Temperature in cooling storehouse.  

 Provide obstruction-free air circulation around all six sides of the load.